Yarmouth Oilskins Jackets & Cagoules

The origins of Yarmouth Oilskins can be found in 1898 when four business partners joined forces to found Yarmouth Stores LTD. Their mission then was to supply the local work force with clothing that suited their jobs, helping them in their work by protecting them in whatever circumstances they found themselves.

Over the years they have fitted out the people who work in the ports of the world no matter what their job, not just the fishermen but the workers who process the fish when they are landed. In this time they have become known worldwide in the industry as manufacturers of fine work goods, not matter the job. Their range has expanded from the original Cagoule now incorporating other jackets, shirts and trousers suitable for all trades but we focus on the original Cagoule which is suitable for anyone who needs a good, no nonsense coat for those harsher weather days.

Their Cagoule is still made in their own factory by their own workers. Each piece is hand made and due to the nature of the fabric takes much longer than a standard cotton fabric cagoule would. The oiled cotton is much harder to work with and takes a skilled worker to manipulate through all the stages. From cutting to final finishing they are all meticulously worked over and then examined to make sure they all come up to their exacting standards. This level of attention ensures that when bought, each Yarmouth Oilskins Cagoule will provide the same level of service and protection that they have become known for. 

Utilising their expertise from this history their fine work goods are now available outside of the industry that they first served but are held with the same high esteem, being as adaptable to every day wear as they are to the heavy work of the ports around the world.