Rains Waterproof Outwear, Lightweight Waterpoofs

Established in 2012, Rains have very quickly become the 'go to' lightweight waterproof jacket provider for pretty much anyone and everyone. Their first item was in fact a poncho, perfect for protection from the rain but not always ideal to wear. Soon after this they launched a full range of clothing and accessories all based around the concept of making contemporary rain wear.

In this second range they took the seafaring rubberised Danish coat of old as the basis of an every day rain coat that could be worn in town or in country. This jacket is now what most now know as a Rains coat, they created a classic clean lined coat that defies time and the weather.

Still pushing out and expanding the range into bags and other coat styles they are taking the basic concept much further with collaborations with the likes of Opening Ceremony, Colette and Sperry. Part of this expansion has seen them develop a liner coat for use with their original jackets. The use of a simple hook and stud fasten means that they can be easily incorporated in to their classic rain coat. This means that is not only good against the wind and rain but also a great insulator, ideal for colder weather. Of course, the liner can be worn alone with its simple, clean lines and classic Scandinavian design it makes for a versatile addition to their range.

Their range of bags is designed along the same principles, keeping you dry and looking good while you go about your business, be it work or pleasure. The sympathetic design of their bags means they use slimline straps which are just as comfortable to use as the wider ones used elsewhere while the use of the classic backed fabric retains that water repellency they are known for.

While adding features (zips!) Rains still do exactly what they are designed to do, keep you dry in all weather.