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Fred Perry
Fred Perry, the tennis player was born in Stockport, so a local lad. The son of a cotton spinner who, though his natural talent and hard work, went on to be hugely successful. He was a winning Davis Cup captain along with 10 majors and the first player to win a career Grand Slam. Despite this he was not readily accepted by the authorities, not being from same privileged background of most players of the time, it would seem, went against him.

He was approached to wear a piece of clothing to help reduce the impact of sweating on the players. He made a few adjustments and the first sweatband was arrived at. The next stage was what was to make the Fred Perry brand what it is today. In 1952 the white knitted pique sports shirt was launched at Wimbledon, the Laurel Wreath so well known today, being based on the original logo for the tournament.

We are pretty sure you all have your own story related to a 'Fred Perry', it has been adopted by so many of the most pivotal subcultures through the years and always looked just right within it too. It's interesting that he was an outsider in tennis himself and the clothing that he was so pivotal in making has been the choice of so many outsiders themselves. The skins, casuals (some proto casuals being known as the Perry Boys), rude boys and many more were all out on the fringes in their formative stages (some still are), before more wide spread acceptance was gained due to them proving their validity to those who demanded it before accepting them.

Of course, Fred Perry today is much more than just a great polo shirt, their designs have always been sympathetic and guided by the original though. No matter what you put together from the range it's always going to work, their ethos demands it.

Currently working with big name designers and sports people of the highest level, the brand is now much more than just one shirt.



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