Padmore and Barnes Footwear & Shoes

Twenty years after first stocking them, Padmore & Barnes return to our shelves. 

Padmore & Barnes have been manufacturing shoes since 1934, over the years they have become synonymous with the finest casual shoes. They are, probably, most well known for being the company responsible for manufacturing the original Wallabee. The hand stitched moccasin upper has become an icon, thanks in no small part to their expert knowledge and craftsmanship in making it. This model is still available and is now known as the Padmore & Barnes P204. We have both leather and suede versions of this classic in stock.

Of course, they have also been responsible for many other casual classics, take a look at their range and you will notice many that are very familiar to you but with a slightly less well known name. The P500 and P701 are two such shoes that while they look the same as other versions it's when you have them in hand (or on foot) that you notice the differences. They are all still made to the same specification they were originally. Each one is leather lined and has a plantation crepe rubber sole unit, both features that make the shoes more robust and comfortable to wear.

This level of attention to detail and superior craftsmanship has meant that they have a steady stream of very well known brands itching to collaborate with them. Over the years they have made shoes in conjunction with Comme Des Garçons, Supreme, Fred Perry, Stüssy and many more. This hasn't been to the detriment of their own productions, each year they research and produce the finest leathers and suedes in the most interesting colours for their range. They always push what they do but never forget that they are making shoes for people to wear, not just stare at.

Always keeping their eye on the details and materials to make sure every pair is the best it can be. Still based in Kilkenny, Ireland Padmore & Barnes are widely viewed as the finest casual shoes available worldwide and we are very happy to have them back in store.