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adidas Originals
We are pretty sure here at the R Store that you are all well versed with the history of the three stripes!

Formed after a split between brothers (Adolf And Rudolph) over the direction their joint sportswear manufacturing company should take plus over various political differences which occurred with the dramatic events in pre WW2 Germany. Rudolph went onto form Puma on one side of the town whilst Adi called his new venture Adi-das and the rest as they say is history.

Adidas Originals is the branch of the company dealing with its heritage and rich sporting history in the contemporary lifestyle arena. This branch of the company has become so successful over the years that it has become, to many, adidas Originals when they think of adidas.

Reproducing and enhancing classics from their extensive archives in Herzogenaurach Germany and Portland Oregon they have been integral in so many global subcultures that it would be foolish to try to list them all....but.....

From b-boys to casuals to skaters to rock kids the influence goes above and beyond what other brands can only imagine of as they continue their work with flair and respect. The city series, the superstar, the ZX range of running shoes not to mention their clothing range are all what other sports brands dream of and would hold as their golden calf, only bringing out every now and again. These are ranges that are available on a semi permanent basis, such is the depth of their catalogue.

Aside from their footwear and clothing they have a number of accessories that are much sought after, many will tell you of the one bag that they have searched for but never found. These stories have been incorporated in to their own advertising recently, the campaign involving the 'lost' trainer shop in Argentina being a highlight and one which had its own trainer to face it.

Adidas is many things to many people and will continue to be so for many years to come.