Pike Brothers Menswear Clothing & Workwear

Pike Brothers specialises in the production of authentic outdoor and workwear of the early 20th century. Authentic to them means producing garments in exactly the same way as in the original period.

Their garments are more than the sum of fabric, patterns and accessories. They have a story to tell, the story of who they are and where they come from.

They believe that in regard to quality, traditional workmanship has prevailed. Only with carefully selected materials and a great deal of attention to detail are they able to produce garments that meet their very high standards as well as being unique in appearance and superior in comfort and durability. The range covers all areas of everyday wear, not just the military based garments, traditional collared shirts and premium t-shirts, trousers and knitwear.  All made in the classic style to ensure comfort, style and long wearing life. 

When in hand you can feel the quality and integrity of each and every item. Their N1 deck jackets, for example, are made with jungle cloth. This fabric was designed to ensure hard wear in harsh environments, built to resist rips and snagging while offering a water resistance so that whatever happens the coat does its job. The lining is 100% wool, again just as the originals were, meaning they insulate against harsh winds and remain comfortable to wear. Their shirts offer the extended body meaning they fit inside a jean or trouser and don't ride up when moving like many shirts do. Even the buttons are true to the original, wood where they are appropriate or vegetable ivory (also known as tagua nut).

While all their garments are faithful to the original and its time they aren't held to it. Each one is as wearable today as it was when it was first manufactured meaning they are easily incorporated in to any wardrobe and just as useful today as they were then.