Poten Baseball Caps

Poten make baseball caps unlike any other.

Hiro, the owner of the Poten brand is a baseball aficionado, connoisseur if you like. There is only one factory in Japan that make the official caps for their league and despite so many brands wanting them to make caps for them they had always resisted. Being the fan that he is, over three years Hiro visited the factory many times, sharing his vast cap collection and explaining and showing his passion to them. Eventually they decided to make the caps he wanted, just for him.

Hiro's baseball obsession is complete and as such he has made sure that his caps show that. Attached to each one is a classic baseball players card with its own Poten sticker. The caps carry no external branding at all, maintaining the clean, purist ethos that goes into making each one. Due to the nature of the materials used in making them, each cap will age and wear to give  you a unique cap, one that is yours and yours only. Much like a good pair of jeans, they carry your experiences in each and every crease, bend and mark that develops.

The caps that are available from Poten are exacting to say the least. Always made with the best fabrics (the canvas is Fuji Kinbia paraffin coated canvas, made in Japan), the detailing is, as you would expect, precise and fuss free and the fit is exactly how a cap should fit. Even the cow hide used has been treated to resist the sweat that it will undoubtedly come in to contact with. While these caps aren't low cost, the materials and passion that has gone in to them, along with the fact they will last you a very long time means that the initial expense will pay itself back many times over the years to come.

So, they're caps, but they're not just caps.