Cookman came about after chefs from across the west coast of the United States got together and began to talk. The topic of discussion was about chef pants and the fact that they are functional, easy to move around in and comfortable but, could these pants be something that satisfies everything and still be considered fashionable? The answer birthed Cookman wear, a new line that would satisfy every chef’s demands.

Over time they became the preferred pants to wear not only in the professional kitchen environment but also during off the clock hours due to the combined comfort, design, and functionality it offered, eventually gaining the one-mile wear status. Once they had they realised just how versatile their design was they took the obvious next step. Using different colours, then fabrics and then introducing prints and patterns to the once purely utilitarian product turned it in to a pant that would be worn for how it looks, not just how it performed. 

Despite the name, Cookman wear isn’t just for chefs any more. They are very affordable and come in a variety of design patterns that aren't catered to any specific age or gender so anyone and everyone can enjoy these pants. This concept has now been pushed even further, shorts, variations on the original pant, t-shirts, work based jackets, socks and kitchen utilities have already been added. The range is now constantly changing, adding logical elements (based on their origins) such as aprons and gloves along with collaborational work with brands such as Pabst Blue Ribbon. In typical Californian style they have added ranges which take 'inspiration' from so many of the brands they see around them in their every day lives, local barbecues, chain wholesalers, fast food restaurants that you can see on every corner in their home state to name just a few.