Camber is based in Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA. Founded in 1948 they have sold clothing for construction and other trades ever since. For the first three or so decades they sold clothing of the highest quality they could find for the trades people that are their customer base. Hard wearing, warm and sturdy clothes for the workers who needed them, whatever they worked on or with. Then in 1982 they began to manufacture their own jersey based clothing in their factory in Norristown. Using the sturdiest cottons and the most tried and trusted construction methods that have been refined over many years to make the cotton jersey clothing that will stand the test of time.

From this transition to manufacturing their own garments they progressed further to making sporting goods. The kind of classic sportswear that originated in the USA, the sweatshirt, hooded sweatshirt and zip through. Classic cotton based dry goods that anyone who has ever been involved in any sport (or even just watching a sport) will see as iconic. From team sports at schools and Universities to Physical Training wear used in military training each garment made with the same keen attention to detail they put in to the workwear they make. Designed to be comfortable and accommodating while also been tough enough to been worn over and over again in high wear environments. The very same principles that have made world wide names of companies who started out doing the exact same thing but have now moved on are what make Camber goods clothing stand out on its own. Made to be worn and washed and still look just as good even though the wear is evident, still doing the same job just as well despite having been put through the ringer. A loose thread here, abrasion there not stopping the garment providing the same function and in fact looking even better for that wear on each item.