Since their very beginning in 2014 Anerkjendt has had one goal in mind; to make people happy and inspire them through the brand.

With a strong focus on materials, quality and details, they add extra edge to their Danish designs. They always ensure that the collections contain what is necessary to cover your needs in the current season. Anerkjendt contain ingredients from all over the world, but is rooted in the design concept "thoughts of Denmark".

From their travels around the world they bring the inspiration back to their old, original Warehouse in Southern Denmark. Utilising the found and adapting it to sit within the original concept, providing world ready, contemporary clothing that fits within the needs of the season.

Their use of interesting fabrics makes them stand out. From textured corduroy to brushed herringbone twill cotton, wool blends of various descriptions and levels of boiling for these materials means that they constantly deliver fabrics that stand out in the best way and also serve the function needed of them. These fabrics are then utilised to their greatest advantage on the particular design they see them as fitting best. Casual shirts, overshirts and jackets with work origins to the more formal end of the menswear spectrum are presented with thought to the end use and of course the conditions they will be worn.

Anerkendt bring a sharp take on contemporary menswear that both innovates without losing focus on the use of each item. Their fabrics are always sympathetic to each garment while innovating making them stand out on their own. Each one is something that will attract attention for all the right reasons. Standign out without shouting, subtly making a point without forcing a point of being different for the sake of being different. We are very happy to stock Anerkjendt and think you will enjoy wearing each garment just as much.