Ebbets Field Flannels T-Shirts & Hats

The founder of Ebbets Field Flannels grew up in Brooklyn, New York, close to where the famous Ebbets Field stood in Flatbush. Being around baseball in his formative years instilled a passion not only for the game but also the uniforms. In 1987, while looking for a ball top to wear on stage he found a what he was looking for, a vintage wool shirt, exactly as worn by the players in his younger years. After being hounded for his shirt he realised that he wasn't the only one who wanted the original style shirts and original logos of teams long gone. 

He began making the shirts, slowly building up a range for teams other than the major league big hitters that everyone both knew about and already had shirts for. Not only did the focus on minor league teams give him a wide range of relatively unknown teams to expose it also showed the amazing design work that had gone in to their original logos and mascots. This attitude brought Ebbets Field Flannels to the attention of many celebrity baseball fans with the likes of Spike Lee and David Letterman soon becoming regular customers. Their commitment to detail in their shirts is well known, not only on the designs but also the fabrics which they use, always trying to make each garment as authentic as possible. Always trying to do justice not only to the item but the team is was worn by.

Each Ebbets Field item is hand made in their own facility in Seattle WA. Striving for authenticity at all costs, materials, cut and finish are as the original item would have been. All of the materials used have been researched to be both faithful and of the highest quality, ensuring your cap or clothing will be with you for a long time.