Nudies Menswear & Nudie Jeans

Founded in 2001, Nudie Jeans Co. set off with the express idea to make ethical clothing and be transparent about it. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Maria Exiron who had previously been design director at Lee Europe and Palle Stenberg instigated Nudie with the intent to make denim jeans that did as little damage to the environment as possible while also being wearable and looking good. Over the years they have increased the organic content level of their jeans to the point where now all their jeans are made with 100% organic cotton.

The idea of being responsible doesn't stop with the fabric of their products though. They have also signed up to the Living Wage programme. They pay their share in to the production of each garment to ensure that everyone involved in their production gets a fair living wage. Taking this seriously means that they regularly visit production facilities and are involved in the procedures in that facility.

While this is obviously very good, the end product has to be very good too. Their history in the denim business means they are more than qualified to know what makes a great pair of jeans. By using high quality denim the basis is set. They are continually updating the range of fits, so that you have the best options available to you, making it a little easier to find that perfect pair of jeans. 

This ethos has been carried through to all of the range of clothes they now make. All made using organic cottons where appropriate and all made in within the living wage scheme. Their designs are contemporary without being overtly fashion so you can wear them for years to come. Covering the classics such as the cotton t-shirt and oxford shirt means they are a great foundation for any wardrobe, safe in the knowledge that your purchases are doing as little as possible to harm whats around you.