The Quartermaster is a project that was instigated, and is still run by, two friends. In 2017 they began working together to produce garments that could tell their passion for vintage, especially military and workwear, and for quality clothing. From the beginning their goal has been to produce a collection strongly inspired by the military productions of the past and by the iconic garments of the great industry of the last century. Through their combined archive,  which boasts more than 1000 items including jackets, shirts, trousers and vests, they have been able to take the best elements of authentic garments and integrate them in to versions which make them wearable in an everyday, contemporary situation.

To be able to build their perfect wardrobe over time, they started a long journey through Italy to find people and factories with equal passion and dedication. Theirs is a continuous research of historical textile factories that for decades have invested in quality and tradition and of laboratories which specialise in quality above all else.

For winter garments they use local fabrics of their own city, Prato. It still boasts a remarkable, active district with many companies that produce woollen fabrics, characterised by high resistance and innovative technical features.

For the summer garments they fell in love with the magnificent cottons and indestructible Lombard fabrics that can be found in the (sadly) rare companies which have been located by the Olona river more than two centuries They also use fabrics from around he world, such as Scottish oilcloths or Japanese shirt cottons but only when companies guarantee the highest quality.

The Quartermaster is a small family-run company and that is exactly how they want to keep it. They are increasingly moving towards the concept of 100% Made in Tuscany garments. This allows the, to authentically reflect the place where they live and work and to create products with a very low impact on our planet.

Whoever buys a The Quartermaster garment, whether it is a jacket, a shirt or a sweatshirt, will have a piece of clothing that lasts over time and does not follow the trend of the seasons but is made for all seasons and years.