Leftfield NYC

Leftfield NYC

We are very happy to say we now stock a selection of the fine goods made by Leftfield NYC.

Founded in 1998 by Christian McCann, Leftfield NYC have stuck rigidly to the idea of goods made in the USA to the highest standard. From the beginning until now Christian is the epicentre of all of this. From the fabric sourcing to delivery he is the man who makes it all happen. Over time they have refined what they do, each item now carries several points which make it stand out in the crowd, maybe a dye, a fabric or a cut but they are all put together to make unique garments of the highest quality with a deep understanding of the origins (they have recently set up a vintage button collection which they sell, for those needing the most authentic hardware).

Their jeans come in a long staple cotton fabrication, meaning a softer yet tougher denim, woven on short looms of course for that selvedge. Hemp and cotton mix t-shirts sit alongside tube knits so you know even in the most simple of item a hell of a lot of thought and time has gone in to it to give you the best product for your hard earned.

Take a look at our Leftfield NYC range but we strongly recommend you come in to try it on, pictures don't do it justice.