Clarks Originals

Clarks Originals
Founded in 1825 by the brothers Cyrus and James Clark.

Clarks as a company needs little introduction and the Clarks Originals range needs even less, their archive of original shoes can challenge any other for its depth, variety and ingenuity.

At any date in time there will be always be several classics from the range that you will find fans of the brand clammering for a re-issue, such is their broad appeal and much all round love.

As always deeply embedded in the town of Street in Somerset (England) and still carrying the traditional 'family' ethic forward, the company continues to defy what is expected by producing tweaks and adjustments to their extensive archive back catalogue. 

New styles for new generations whilst becoming part of their vernacular, from the much publicised Jamaican fan base to the every day man who wants something to help them stand out in the crowd, Clarks Originals are the go to shoe for the street.