New Balance Made in USA

New Balance Made in USA
Founded in 1906 by William J Riley the New Balance Arch Support Company has come a long way. Evolving in to the world renowned athletic brand it is today. Re-issuing some of its more iconic footwear, many of which featured design firsts at the time, they create a line of footwear not for everyone, but thats the point, the refinement they have in each trainer isn't for mass production.

New Balance have five factories in the USA, all working together to create a line of shoes that is unparalleled in its build and material quality.

Sourcing materials from inside the USA they are one of the few companies who can badge their trainers as 'Made in USA' without any query.

The finest materials and a work force that features generations of workers means every sneaker that comes from the factories is of the highest quality.

The entire range is only ever made in very limited numbers and quickly become collectors items as they are very rarely re-issued in the same make ups ever again.