New Balance Made in UK Footwear & Trainers

New Balance Made in UK
Founded in 1906 by William J Riley the New Balance Arch Support Company has come a long long way,
evolving into the world renowned athletic brand it is today.

Re-issuing some of its more iconic footwear, many of which featured design breakthroughs at the time, they have forged a top level line of footwear not for everyone, but that's the point, the refinement they have in each trainer isn't for mass production.

The made in UK range is all manufactured in their own factory in Cumbria (Flimby, to be precise) which has been active since 1982.

From this base with its highly skilled local work force they have created some of the most sought after and well constructed sneakers in the world.

All made with the finest materials, often sourced in the UK too.