Crown Cap: Men's Caps, Hats & Railroad caps

Crown Cap have been making superior headwear, in Canada, since 1934. From the very beginning they have been informed by their environment, making hats, caps and the like for the people around them. Of course, being from Canada 'around them' can mean great distances and as such they make caps for the hot and humid months all the way through to the blisteringly cold winter months. Each  of their hats has a place in their history, be it the ball caps made for the leisure days of the workers on hot summer days to the trappers caps made for the hunters out in the wilderness to the construction workers in the city centres.
Over the years their range has evolved to cater for a variety of needs and wants but it has always had the core range of classics. Sometimes these classics have been updated and adapted along the way, for instance, the railroad caps we stock are updated in the materials used and the fact they are fully lined. The various outer textiles give various types of protection. The classic wool is ideal in colder weather and great against snow and wind. The waxed cotton is perfect for those wet days, making sure the insulation inside stays dry and able to keep you as warm. While they are good against different types of weather they are all just as hard wearing and will give you years of wear while fitting better and better over time. Whichever outer shell you have with your Railroad cap the insulation is guaranteed to keep you warm. Made for use in the harshest of Canadian Winters the insulation runs throughout the cap. When those cold winds do start to blow though the caps all have a pull down flap which covers your ears and the back of your neck making sure you are covered from the elements.
All made in Canada and all with a very long history of making hats to protect you from the elements we are sure you will be as impressed with Crown Cap Rail Road caps as we are.